Choice of different cameras

About the EMVA 1288 standard

You may know the trouble of comparing different cameras to objectively find out what model is best for your application. Unfortunately, data sheets are often incomparable, and important information is often missing.

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has realized this lack of data conformity and has created an industry standard, i.e., EMVA 1288, which gives users objective transparency by providing exact and reliable measurement methods as well as uniform guidelines for presentation of data. This greatly simplifies the comparison of cameras and image sensors.
More informaton can be found at: EMVA 1288 standard 

EMVA 1288 standard training videos

Today, the EMVA standard is used around the globe, providing an objective basis for specification of cameras and image acquisition
If you are interested in the standard, our offers related to EMVA 1288 training may help you to better understand and efficiently use
the standard. And you get up to speed to support customers in your country. 

Interested? Then check out these four  EMVA 1288 training videos (live webinar recordings).
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