The partner model

Towards the end of 2020, release 4 of the EMVA 1288 standard will come into effect.
The new release includes key changes for the benefit of new generations of image sensors. And it extends the approach of the standard to quantifying performance of UV, RGB, NIR, and SWIR cameras. This will lead to further spread of the EMVA 1288 standard and an increased demand for experts familiar with the EMVA 1288 standard and its use for new generations of cameras.

AEON is building a worldwide network of EMVA 1288 experts who support customers in their country, providing regular information on the development of the standard, training on the standard, devices for camera calibration and second level support.

Partners identify local customers in need for camera characterization. They provide camera measurement services and consultancy to understand the results. They sell AEON’s camera calibrators to customers who measure frequently and prefer to own their own device.

If you are interested in additional income by becoming a local partner, we will provide you with the basis for your business case calculation. Just send us an e-mail for more information!